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Making Freeman Zein for over 35 Years

Welcome to Flo Chemical Corporation

The Only North American Producer of Zein

Flo Chemical Corporation, located in Ashburnham, MA, is a world leader in ZEIN manufacturing, producing edible coatings and encapsulation products for the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and aeronautical industries.  Our Zein products meet our many industries’ high standards for quality and consistency. Our staff is available to help you select the best product for your applications and formulations.

We have been producing Freeman Zein for over 35 years, and during that time, we have helped companies develop exciting applications with our Zein products.  Zein is G.R.A.S. and OU Kosher certified.  It is an all-natural product that offers many unique properties.

Some of the Varied Applications of Zein

Encapsulation – a ZEIN coating will provide a very functional protective surface against moisture and edible fats escaping from within.  Conversely it will protect from external moisture and fats protecting from oxidation and rancidity.  Can encapsulate anything that can be reduced to a granule in food or pharmaceuticals, including nut meat, flavors, colors, sweeteners

Enteric Coating – ZEIN use can duplicate all functions of Alcohol Soluble SHELLAC.  It is a natural alternative to chemical coatings to mask the taste of pharmaceuticals. Additionally, it can be used for time release preparations.

Adhesive - When ZEIN is first sprayed and before it dries, there is a tackiness to the freshly applied film. Many additives can be sprayed onto this tacky surface. When dried, the added particles are securely adhering to the treated surface.  Many such uses allow for markedly lower quantities of these additives.

Increases Shelf Life - ZEIN can be used as a moisture barrier and protective microbial resistant barrier for food, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.  Delays rancidity and increases shelf life for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as baked goods.

Electrophoresis Integrity – used in the chrome plating repair process for the aeronautic industry.